Global Response to the threat to Iraq Cultural Heritage

The threats to the cultural heritage sites in Iraq have produced a number of responses from groups around the world. On this page, a collection of the statements of support appears under the heading of "Declarations." The following section provides information about links to the main on-line list serves that provide news about the current situation in Iraq. Finally the "Threats and Preservation" provides the news about the status of sites and artifacts sorted by the names of the historic sites.

See also Images of Cultural Artifacts and Architecture by site name.


General Resources

Online Community

General Resources

Threats and Preservation

General Resources

Adab (Tell Bismaya )

Ashur (Assur, Qalat Sherqat )

Babylon (Babel )




Larsa (Tell as-Senkereh, biblical Ellasar )


Nimrud (Kalhu, Calah )

Nineveh (Tell Kuyunjik )



Tell Harmal (Ancient Shaduppum )

Uruk (Erech, Warka )

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