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ECAI Bringing Lives to Light: Biography in Context

     This project seeks to enable the more effective use of biographical texts in a digital environment. The goal is to design, demonstrate and evaluate standards and best practices for encoded mark-up, embedded queries, and associated editing tools that can be used to create more powerful digital biographical texts that can in turn be connected to a wider world of contextual information.
     The intended audience is the creators of biographical records, primarily librarians, archivists, editors of scholarly texts as well as educational publishers.
     Partners include The Emma Goldman Papers project and the Religious Atlas of China and the Himalayas, both at Berkeley, the Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis at Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, and UK Archives Hub at the University of Liverpool, England. Our partners will provide data resources and participate in the development of the project systems and databases.
     Funded in part by an Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant for Libraries, award number LG-06-06-0037-06, Oct 2006 - Sept 2009.
     This project builds on Support for the Learner: What, Where, When, and Who. See also related project Context and Relationships: Ireland and the Irish Studies.

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    Prototypes and Demonstrations

    Proposal Summary (PDF) | Proposal Narrative (PDF) | Project Diagram (PDF) | Final Report (PDF)
    Principal Investigators: Ray R. Larson; Michael Buckland; and Fredric Gey.
    Others: Ruth Mostern, Barry Pateman

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