Hindi Surprise Language Project - Document Display in Java TimeMap

Process for map based spatial and temporal search, and display of Hindi news documents.
These images are screen-shots. To use the dynamic TimeMap for Hindi news go to http://ecai.org/imls2002/hindi/hindimapspace.html

1. In this screenshot we see representation, by red squares, of placenames extracted from of Hindi news documents. The geographic location (latitude and longitude) for each placename was retrieved from a gazetteer of the region, also available for display on the map but turned off in this view. A timebar below the map can be adjusted to limit or expand the period to be displayed. The map shows data only for documents whose dates fall within that range.


2. Clicking on a single point or by tracing a bounding box around a number of points defines the location(s) of interest, and the timebar can be used to limit the temporal range. Brief bibliographic records for the documents that fall within the spatial and temporal limits of your search are displayed in an attribute table.


3. Selecting one of the records will take you directly to a marked up version of the news document in Hindi.

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