Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative, University of California, Berkeley.

ECAI Going Places in the Catalog: Improved Geographic Access

    Library users need effective searching by place. Present geographical searching is based on place-names and geo-political entities, both often ambiguous and/or unstable. Gazetteers map place-names to latitude and longitude. This research and development project will show how linking an online gazetteer with an online library catalog can improved geographical searching. Funded in part by an Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant for Libraries, award number LG-02-02-0035-02, Oct 2002 - Sept 2004.
   Narrative from project proposal.
   Demonstration at WebWise 2004 (Powerpoint) Demonstration handout (PDF)
   Work on Gazetteer design.
   Experimental prototypes.
   Time Periods.
   Related Publications
   Final Report
   Principal Investigators: Michael Buckland; Fredric Gey, and Ray R. Larson.

   See also related project Support for the Learner: What, Where, When and Who

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